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When I hear about imported cosmetics and skin care that come from faraway places like Europe or New Zealand, I cringe. I think about how those companies have to import  ingredients from places such as South America, only to be shipped back across the ocean to North America. Is it necessary to have all these carbon emissions when the domestic body care market is so prolific?  There are so many talented indie brands out there it makes my head spin.

When you buy from an indie body care company, you are supporting someone who is following their dreams and doing something that they love. The products that they sell are made painstakingly with pride and not whipped through an assembly line.  Before the industrial age of petrochemicals, this is how all cosmetics were produced. The same person that made your medicine also made your creams and soaps. It is a craft, an art and a science.

Small body care businesses are more likely to use high quality, natural ingredients than big business. As I’ve mentioned before, a typical mass-marketed facial cream is full of petrochemical crap. It does nothing for your skin. It is created to look nice and smell nice but the priority is to keep the cost of goods low so the profits are high. I’ve been asked, “how did you create a cream that is so much better than the department store brands?”  My response is “it isn’t hard”.

So where do you source your local indie body care companies? First of all, I’m convinced that every town has a soap maker. It is a craft that has really taken off over the last 10 years and let me tell you, there is nothing like a handmade, cold-pressed soap. So much better than the road kill soap that the big companies sell. Sometimes soap makers also make lotions and potions but if not, I can guarantee that you will find these types of products in your town, province or state. The best place to source these indie businesses is at farmer’s markets, craft shows and boutiques. You may also get the pleasure of meeting one of these crafty chemists who will likely be very passionate about their products and will tell you all about them.  For online shopping, visit Etsy.com and select ‘Shop Local’ on the left side menu. This is another great way to be introduced to local beauty talent.

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