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I am pleased to announce that we are now Certified Awesome. We have developed a rigorous certification system that involves testing our products and loving them and having great skin. Does this sound silly to you? Read on.

This morning we received an email from a multilevel marketing essential oil company to let us know about their products. In the email they claimed that their oils are  ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’. Come again? What on earth is that? I click to their website to find that it is their own certification system. There is no third party involved. How ridiculous. If you provide your own guidelines, procedures and testing (you passed!), doesn’t that defeat the purpose of certification. You have the same accountability as any other business. What really bothered me was that one of their claims was that there are no pesticides – why don’t you just get a proper certification like USDA Certified Organic then? This is completely misleading and I don’t like what this company is implying about other essential oils – that they are contaminated and low quality.

This is similar to an experience we had a recent trade show with yet another multilevel marketing company. A salesperson visited our booth to let us know that they are the ONLY company with ‘certified therapeutic-grade’ essential oils. Again – no such thing! Essentials oil are inherently therapeutic because they contain medicinal components. Some will contain more than others due to regions, weather patterns, and extraction methods. This is just another scam to put down other companies and create a false perception of superiority.

Always ask the question, certified by who? If it’s real then they should have a good answer.

~ Jessica

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