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Below are links to my latest article for EcoParent Magazine about breast cancer that they have generously allowed me to share with my readers.

I want to let you in on the back story for this. This issue is called ‘Keepin’ it Real’ . I decided to write about breast cancer because there are so many layers to this disease and it’s difficult to wade through all the pink that has dominated its culture. I personally feel that there is a segment of the population that requires a more intelligent discussion than what is being presented to us. Also, it is perfectly timed with the Causemetics campaign being launched by the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund of which Cocoon Apothecary is part of.

After submitting the article to the editor, Alexis, I received some alarming news. She has been diagnosed with cancer. Talk about keeping it real. Sometimes we get into a cozy zone where we believe that it can’t happen to us but the reality is that it can and Alexis’ diagnoses is a stark reminder of this.

When I received the magazine in the mail a couple days ago, I was overwhelmed with emotion when I opened it up to see that my article had been paired up with The EcoParent Breast Cancer Resource Supplement in which 6 pages were dedicated to the leading breast cancer organizations in Canada. This is a amazing issue and I urge you to pick up a copy at your local newsstand or even better, subscribe!

pink ribbons: part 1

pink ribbons: part 2

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Dictamnus albusRutaceae - Dyctamus albus

Some plants are meant to be admired from a distance. Case in point, Dictamnus albus or as it is commonly known, the gas plant. This beautiful flowering plant has essential oils that are flammable and can the whole thing can go up in flames with one strike of a match (which is why it is also called burning bush).  These oils are also extremely dangerous on your skin because they are phototoxic and will create a severe burn if you are exposed to sunlight. My friend who is professional landscaper, contacted me recently for a healing balm to help her arm after she had been pruning these plants one afternoon. Below is a photo of the damage it did to her skin. The is what was all over both her forearms and she may have permanent scarring.  This type of thing can also happen with citrus oils so be careful of what your are putting on your skin whenever you are going out in the sun. Some natural products contain lemon, orange, lime, bergamot and grapefruit and should be used with caution. Even getting lime juice on your skin can be a problem.

Burn from gas plant Dictamnus albus

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