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If a red, raised area suddenly appears on your face for no reason and doesn’t go away no matter how much balm or coconut oil you put on it, you might be dealing with unwanted bacteria from a skin care product, cosmetic or makeup brush. Staphylococcus, candida and e.coli are just some of the microbes that can be found in expired, abused (not stored properly) or under-preserved formula.

You will need to treat this area with an antibiotic ointment and/or anti-microbial essential oils. The most effective oils against staph are cinnamon, oregano, clove thyme and savory. These potent oils can be irritating to the skin so must be diluted to a maximum of 1%. You don’t want to further inflame the area. If it still doesn’t go away or improve after one day, visit your doctor. This is not something you want to mess with.

Prevention Tips

  • Throw out whatever you used before the infection appeared. You will probably know exactly what it was – something old or maybe a DIY formula.
  • Stay on top of your product’s expiry date. It will either be printed somewhere on the bottle or you will see a symbol of an open jar with a number inside that will indicate how many months after opening you can use it.
  • When you’re buying from small batch producers, ask them about the preservative that they use. If they say none, be skeptical. This is not a responsible way to create products and there are many great non-toxic, sustainable preservatives out there.
  • Buy products and use them up THEN buy more. Don’t stockpile them in your closet to never be seen again. If you don’t like it, throw it away or give it to someone that does.
  • Clean your make up brushes regularly.

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