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It’s the time of year when cold sores appear. When other illnesses abound, our immune system takes a beating and it can manifest in these painful sores that usually appear at the corner of your mouth and can spread on your skin quickly. Before you buy something for it, try a simple remedy from ingredients that are likely in your kitchen – lemon juice and honey. The lemon juice contains limonene, which combats the viral infection and the honey will make it feel less stingy and will stick to your skin in order to continue working.

cold sore remedy

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I am a big believer in the DIY Christmas – gifts, decorations and treats! The reason for this is that is takes some financial pressure off of people and doesn’t involve the massive consumerism that has besieged what could be such a quaint, simple time. It makes the holiday so sweet and special and most people appreciate your time more than your money. Bonus: being creative is good for the soul:)

Here are a few simple ideas:

Bath Salts

1 part Epsom salts
1 part sea salt
1/4 part baking soda
essential oils

Mix well and put in bag or jar. Who doesn’t love a good soak?

Body Scrubs

1 part sugar/salt/cornmeal
1/2 part oil – coconut works best because it won’t leak.

Mix well and put in jar. Such a luxurious treat and costs very little to make.

Room or Body Spray

3/4 water
1/4 vodka (optional)
essential oils

Add to spray bottle.

I left the types of essential oil and the amounts to you. Remember a little goes along way – they are extremely concentrated. Your nose will tell you when it’s a good amount. This is your opportunity to become a perfumer:)

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To create a room spray for this festive season, I thought of the three smells that remind me of Christmas – cedar trees, clementines and cloves. These scents combined create a lovely aroma that you can use to freshen rooms, furniture and linens.

You will need:
a bunch of cedar (if you don’t have some in your yard, steal ask your neighbor)
5 clementine peels
1/4 cup of whole cloves
mickey of vodka – the higher the proof, the better for extraction purposes
mason jar
coffee filter
4 x 100 ml bottles with spray cap – this may be a challenge to find so try to find bottles in your house that can be reused for this purpose. Also try to mix and match spray caps with bottles.

Chop cedar wood and leaves as fine as possible.

Remove and chop clementine peel. The essential oils of citrus fruit are contained in their peels so that’s where we extract them from.

Crush cloves in a mortar and pestle or with a knife.

Put all three prepped ingredients in a large mason jar (or similar glass vessel), add entire bottle of vodka (you can keep one nip if you want to add it to the clementine juice). Cover jar with plastic wrap or similar and allow to sit for at least a week in a dark place.

Strain infused vodka into a bowl.

Transfer the infused vodka into a pitcher. Pour through a funnel lined with a coffee filter into spray bottles until half full. Top with purified water (distilled is ideal).

Add pretty labels and voila – Winter Room Spray! I love the colour it created and the essential oils won’t separate like they would in a water with essential oils combination.

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Body oil is wonderful for moisturizing and softening skin, especially in the dry winter months.  For this project I have chosen to infuse a natural oil with vanilla and cardamom to create a sweet smelling bath and body oil. It can either be applied directly or added to a bath. I sourced all of the supplies from a bulk ingredients store (Bulk Barn), grocery store, and craft store (Michael’s).

You will need:
– 500 ml natural unscented oil like grape seed, almond, or sunflower (grocery store)
– 1/4 cup of cardamom pods (Bulk Barn)
– 2 vanilla beans (Bulk Barn)
– cute labels (Michael’s)
– 4 x 100 ml bottles (Michael’s)
– sieve
– small saucepan
– funnel

Step one:

Grind cardamom pods in a mortar and pestle or chop them finely with a large kitchen knife.

Mince vanilla beans as fine as possible.

Step 2:

Pour oil into saucepan and add the vanilla and cardamom. Heat at the lowest temperature possible for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and cover. Allow the mixture to sit for a day or two in order for the essential oils to meld with the oil. 

Step 3:

Strain oil through a sieve or tea basket (such as the one in the photo) and into a container for pouring. There might be some particulate so you can additionally add cheese cloth, paper towel or a coffee filter to ensure that the oil is clear. It’s your preference.

Step 4:

Using a funnel, carefully pour oil into each of the 100 ml bottles. The extra 100 ml will have been lost to absorption by the vanilla and cardamom.

Step 5:


Apply your labels and voila – a beautiful, sweet smelling gift handmade by you.

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