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In my experience, the best mature skin that I see belongs to women that have been using natural products for an extended amount of time. Their wrinkles are minimal and skin is taut and firm thanks to all the topical nutrients they’ve been getting. The second best skin surprisingly belongs to people that claim to use nothing at all. They say things like “I just splash water on my face” or “I just use soap”. This is leading me to believe that conventional, petrochemical products are aging people’s skin prematurely. It makes sense since many of these chemicals are harsh and inflammatory and can stress the skin.

You may wonder why some celebrities have beautiful skin when they are clearly purchasing luxury lines that don’t make any ‘natural’ claims. This is because most of those high priced lines use a lot of botanicals in their formulas. Take for instance the very popular and expensive Crème de la Mer. It contains seaweed extract, lime, eucalyptus, lanolin, sesame, alfalfa, sunflower, and almond. Natural ingredients take up a good portion of this formula so it would be similar to a natural line in performance. When you look at a low priced (under $10) cream that you would buy at a drug store, it will be 100% petroleum and palm-based synthetics, which is how those massive companies are able to price it so low. This is where the bad performance comes in.

Natural is the way to go and the best thing about the green beauty industry is that you get the best bang for your buck because you get luxury ingredients that aren’t priced that way.

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Rose ProfileOrigin: Bulgaria

Scent: Romantic, sweet, honey, powder, floral, soft. The scent of rose is uplifting, soothing and anti-anxiety.

Roses have been part of human history for a very long time. They are the symbol of love, beauty, femininity and the Divine. They are used medicinally, culinarily and in perfumery around the world.

Rose hydrosol is the water that is created when extracting essential oil from the petals by steam distillation. It contains water with a soluble amount of essential oil. The therapeutic components of the hydrosol are approximately 80% phenetheyl alcohol, an antimicrobial. It is produced from the pink rose plant called Rosa Damascena, member of the rosaceae family indigenous to Europe and the Middle East. Rose hydrosol has high levels of antioxidant polyphenols to fight aging and cellular damage in the skin. It is soothing, cooling, anti-inflammatory and very astringent, making it ideal for aiding puffiness in the eye area.

Rose hydrosol or ‘water’ has been used in beauty preparations for thousands of years all over the world. In Ayruvedic medicine it is used as an eye wash and to tone and cool the skin.

Organic rose hydrosol can be found in our Rose Dew Facial Toner and our Eyewaken Eye Cream.

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Update: After 2 months

Here is an update of Ashley’s skin after 2 months of Cocoon products. Hydrated and noticeably clearer!!! The only spots are the residuals of acne from before.




After 3 weeks

Our lovely client Rachel sent these photos to us this weekend. As you can see in the before picture, she had some acne that was inflamed and her skin was looking a bit congested (bumpy). After three weeks of using Petal Purity Facial Cleanser & Exfoliant, Rose Dew Facial Toner, Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream and Spotbuster Blemish Treatment, her skin looks smooth and toned and her acne is clearing up and healing. Hurray! Healthy skin or bust!

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Environmental Defence Canada has created a beauty event like no other – The Eco-Beauty Market in Toronto, Ontario. It is a show featuring the most safe, eco-friendly brands in Canada in a swanky venue (The Spoke Club for the May’s Show). Every company represented has signed the Just Beautiful Pledge, meaning their products do not contain any of the Toxin Ten and that they practice full transparency with their ingredients. The room is full of amazing skin care, hair care and cosmetics that you don’t have to question – it’s Environmental Defence approved! What I love about this show is that you get to chat with the owners of the companies – so much knowledge in one room! Everyone that I have met has been warm, down-to-earth and relaxed. The customers, volunteers and Environmental Defence staff are the same and I had so many interesting talks with people. I was on some kind of high after this event when usually I am drained. Did I mention there was a bar?

These events are being held throughout the year. To keep updated, follow Environmental Defence on Facebook or Twitter.

Here is a list of the awesome companies that attended the show last Wednesday, May 30.

Alma Natural Quick Spa
Awaken My Senses Organics
Clinical Luxury By Nature – By GRAYDON
Cocoon Apothecary
Eco Existence

Green Beauty
Keeki Pure & Simple
Kynk Naturals
Meghan Telpner
Thera Wise

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Citrus aurantium amara

Extraction: steam distilled

Origin: Italy

Description: The beautiful white blooms of the bitter orange tree are distilled to extract the exquisite essential oil of neroli. It was named after the town of Nerola, Italy where it was discovered as a perfume ingredient in the 18th century by Princess Anna Maria de la Tremoille. She introduced it to Paris and it became one of the most popular ingredients in the perfume industry. Before that time, orange blossoms were used by the Venetians for fevers and to ward of the infectious scents caused by the plague. It was a favorite perfume for the prostitutes of Madrid because of its alluring, aphrodisiac qualities. The scent is heavenly with the perfect blend of citrus and floral. It is uplifting, relaxing and enticing.

Components: Linalyl acetate: 23%, Linalool: 16%, Limonene: 20.30%

Aromatherapy Benefits: Relieves tension, anxiety, and emotional burnout; aphrodisiac; grounding.

Skin Benefits:

  • regenerative
  • stimulates cell growth and activity
  • relaxes skin cells
  • great for scars and broken capillaries
  • prevents spread of acne
Found in our Orange Blossom Facial Cream and our upcoming Neroli Perfume Oil.

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